Mark Morris Dance Group ◦ Pepperland
20 March - 1 May

Press Reviews

Financial Times

“The Mark Morris Dance Group has long been ahead of all other dance companies in the flow and detail of its dancers’ response to music. And their qualities of focus, stillness, ease are ones that most actors would envy.”

The Times-Picayune

“[Morris] is one of those handful-in-a-century creative spirits – think Picasso or Balanchine – who manage to hold our attention while challenging all expectations.”

The New York Times

“The musicality for which the choreographer Mark Morris is celebrated reveals itself on multiple levels and in mysterious ways. Two of his most peculiar gifts… are his capacities for responding to a score with a raw innocence and for exposing its deep neurological effect.”

The Washington Post

“The skill of the great artist – whether a Michelangelo, a Mozart, a Mark Morris – is to fashion simplicity from complexity. The dances simply feel right, to the eye, intellect and nervous system.”

Made up Liverpool

A bright and expressive, joyful piece… an irresistible, dream-like hour.”

The Times

★★★★ “High-spirited, humour, eccentric charm and a joyous musical sensibility…guaranteed to raise a smile.”

The Independent

★★★★ Sunny and unpredictable.” 

The Observer

★★★★ The choreography is deft and nuanced, at times skimming across the music’s bright surface, at times digging deeper.”

Financial Times

★★★★ The dance, like the album, is a seamless synthesis of classical, vaudeville and psychedelia.”

The Guardian

★★★★ “A gorgeously entertaining and witty tribute to the classic Beatles album.”

The Telegraph

★★★★★ A truly joyous, celebratory work of art – brilliant homage to one of the great rock albums.” 

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