Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall Nottingham with Dance 4
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Dance Consortium Techies get snappy at a get-in!

Hot off the press! Here is a photo blog from our technical crew of a Trocks Get-In at Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham….

Getting in. The Dance Consortium Techies reveal all

Techies are traditionally camera-shy and notoriously super-busy individuals who’d rather shine the spotlight on the dancers than be shone upon, but, we felt it time to bring you an insight into some of the work they do for our tours. … Read more

Trocks 2013, Raffaele Morra ‘From the tour bus’

Thursday February 7th. We have been back in the UK for almost two weeks: a couple of shows in Salford at the Lowry theatre, then Birmingham at the Hippodrome and Canterbury at the Marlowe Theater. We are now on the … Read more

Goodbye NDT2

We can’t believe it is over already: they took their last bow on Saturday at Nottingham Theatre Royal and Concert Hall and as we speak are heading back to the Nederlands. The image above (by Imogen Ward) captured them larking around in … Read more

Company members

Alvin Ailey ADT: Goodbye London and hello Nottingham! By Constance Stamatiou

  By Constance Stamatiou  We have officially one city down on our UK tour. Let me say, London, you were on fire and thank you, because the beginning of a tour is always harder than the rest. Your applause motivated … Read more

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